Health Dept / TPA Conducting Park Inspections

Agencies were asked to select one of two timeframes to conduct the 2015 annual park inspections for the communities in your jurisdiction. If you are not aware of the timeframe selected by your agency, please contact PRIOR to conducting your inspections to verify you are doing so in the correct timeframe.  

Invoices must be submitted to our office within 30 days following the end of your inspection period. If you need an invoice to use, please click here. Fee schedule may be found here

Make sure you are using the correct park inspection report and instructions

When marking "other" on the park inspection you must refer to the ORC or OAC that is being violated in addition to a description of the violation. 

Our agency must receive all park inspection reports for the communities listed on the invoice before invoices will be processed. Incorrect invoices or invoices with missing information will be returned and must be submitted with the current date once all items have been corrected. 

Life Safety violations discovered during the annual park inspection must be reported the park operator immediately and to the Commission within 24 hours. 

Once an inspection is conducted our agency will follow up with the park and verify all items have been corrected. If a second inspection is needed, our agency will contact your office to request one. 

Annual inspection reports may be sent to our office via mail, fax to 614-734-6012 or emailed to Reports need to be received in our office within 10 days of the completion of the inspection.