In order to further educate and inform homeowners who choose to install their own home, a form was created at the end of 2014 that must be added to all permit application packets effective immediately. If any problems or issues arise out of the seal process that we need to address with the homeowner we will be contacting your agency for a copy of this signed acknowledge. The form is available here if you need another copy.  

ALL permits issued MUST be placed on the seal report within 24 hours of issuance. Agencies not adhering to this policy have caused installers to be accused of illegal sets and other problems. Permits that have been completed must be updated on the seal report by the end of the month in which the final inspection was passed. The seal must be placed on the electric panel in the home pursuant to OAC 4781-7-01(B)(3). Agencies not in compliance with this rule cause undue burden both financially and in lost time on the installers, the homeowners and the staff investigating the permit. Agencies must immediately adjust their practices to become compliant with these rules or they may face fines, penalties, suspension or revocation of their certification for inspections.

The status of an installer's license may change unexpectedly if there is a lapse in insurance or they fail to complete the renewal process before the expiration of their current license. When issuing a permit, the validity of the installer's license must be check every time. Verify the license of the installer by clicking here.   

Continuing Education Credits - You may earn continuing education credits for specific BBS Approved Classes (see comprehensive list attached). You can earn up to 50% of your required continuing education (a maximum of 6 hours per renewal) with any of these approved classes by sending a copy of the certificate of course completion and a $10 per credit hour fee ($5 per credit hour $5 administrative fee) to OMHC.  For instance, if you are receiving 4 credit hours for one of these courses, you must remit $40 along with your certificate of completion.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.  List of approved BBS courses  

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