Do you use the Homeowner/Installer Agreement or Community Owner/Installer Agreement? That agreement could save you hundred's in fines and penalties. When a home is installed on private land many times homeowners try to save money by agreeing to complete a portion of the installation themselves. The Homeowner/Installer agreement will document who is responsible for each portion of the installation. If an installation is not finaled within the timeframe specified by statue, the agreement may be used to determine who is at fault for the violation. If you need a copy of the Homeowner/Installer Agreement, click here. If you need a copy of the Community Operator/Installer Agreement, click here. 

It is your responsibility to renew your license PRIOR TO the expiration of your current license. Our agency will send out courtesy reminders. However, not receiving a reminder is not just cause for not renewing your license in time. Late fees are mandated by state law and WILL NOT be waived for any reason. 

Are you aware that ORC 4781.11(D) states that the auditor and treasurer of the county where a home is installed MUST be notified within 14 days of the installation? Failure to provide this notification has resulted in installers being fined or penalized. The Commission is currently working with the Auditors to verify all notifications have been received as the law has instructed installers to do. If you have not done this process, now is the time to do so before we notify you of missing notifications. If you need the Notice of Installation form, please click here. 

Prior to commencement of home installation, an installation permit issued from the inspection authority MUST be posted on the window of the home.  Failure to comply with this requirement could result in fines and/or penalties.

As a reminder, please keep track of your insurance renewal dates (both liability and worker’s compensation).  If we do not receive a new insurance certificate by the expiration date, your installer’s license will automatically be placed on “inactive status”. 

It is strongly recommended to view the OMHC Seal Report once a month to verify all permits that have been issued to you are on the report, and any extensions that you have requested and any final inspections that have been completed are on the report correctly. It is also strongly recommended to verify that all the permits that were issued in your name are in fact permits you have applied for. If there are any discrepancies on the report, please contact the Inspection Agency that entered the information or our office.  

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