June 2017 Rule Package


Rules under review in the June 2017 Rule Package

Installation Standards
4781-6-02             Installation standards for used manufactured homes
Installation Inspections
4781-7-06             Inspections
4781-7-07             Commission appeals
Installer License
4781-8-03             Denial, revocation, suspension of licenses
Continuing Education
4781-9-01             Continuing education general provisions
4781-9-02             Continuing education sponsors
4781-9-03             Continuing education coordinator
4781-9-05             Distance learning
4781-9-06             Non-resident licensees and continuing education credit
Dispute Resolution
4781-10-01           Dispute Resolution
Dealers, Brokers, Salespeople
4781-11-02            Denial of licensure
4781-11-03            License issuance
4781-11-06            Display of license
4781-11-07            Notification of change of information
4781-11-08            Written contract requirements
4781-11-13            Investigation initiation
4781-11-14            Complaint procedure
4781-11-15            Adjudication process
4781-11-16            Manufactured housing broker business establishment
4781-11-17            Manufactured housing dealer business establishment