May 2017 Rule Package

Early Stakeholder Notice 

Proposed Rule Change Summary

Business Impact Analysis 

CSI Notification 

Proposed Amendments
Organization And Administration 
4781-1-02      Headquarters
4781-4-01      Administration, Executive Director
Installation Inspections
4781-7-01      Inspections
4781-7-02      Certified manufactured home inspectors and/or plans reviewer
4781-7-03      Inspection requirements
4781-7-04      Building departments and health departments; requirements for certification 
4781-7-08      Duties and powers of the inspector
4781-7-09      Permits and plans review for manufactured homes
4781-7-10      Commission plans review and installation inspections
4781-8-01      Installer licenses; application; identification cards and certificates
4781-8-02      Non-resident installers
4781-8-04      License renewal
4781-8-05      Supervision of non-licensed persons
4781-8-06      Education for applicants
4781-8-07      Examination for installers or inspectors
4781-8-08      Complaints against licensees
4781-8-10      Code of ethics for licensed manufactured home installers
4781-8-11      Adjudication hearings

Dealers, Brokers and Salespeople
4781-11-01    General provisions and requirements for manufactured housing dealer, broker and salesperson
4781-11-04    Replacement license
4781-11-05    License removal
4781-11-12    Salesperson license suspension, reinstatement and transfer
Manufactured Home Park Regulations
4781-12-04.2  License fee
4781-12-07.1  Flood plain management development permits
4781-12-07.3  Flood plain management elevations